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Chekk is a leader in Digital Identity, eKYC & Data portability, removing the pain and costs from the interactions between companies (e.g., financial institutions) and their Retail, Private and Corporate customers, thanks to Software-as-a-Service solutions (APIs, Web & Mobile), enabling:

• Easy to create & maintain (drag & drop) unlimited digital forms (KYC, FATCA, commercial products…);

• Worldwide connectivity to business data sources (350+ millions entities) for company unwrapping, UBOs discovery, modifiable auto visual graph & forms pre-population;

Multi-lingual AML checks (Arabic, Russian, Chinese…) with daily refresh of the lists, aliases, fuzzy logic, transliteration, phonetics, compliance reports;

Identity verification (190+ countries) for Individuals and Business owners, directors & UBOs, with Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and deep neural network enabling auto-recognition of documents (country & type), Optical Characters Recognition (OCR, even with no network connectivity), video-based Face Matching & Proof of Life (fully automated or attended by the FI’s staff, as per the FI’s preference), antifraud checks (e.g., hologram, data integrity, tampering of document, visual features…);

Biometric Digital Signature for 2 Factor Authentication (2FA), remote signature of transactions & contracts…;

Secure encrypted data wallet for individuals & businesses to support consent management at a data point level (GDPR, CCPA…), data portability (across segments, countries, partners…), etc.;

SaaS solutions with APIs, Web & Mobile front-ends (for your staff & customers), and end-to-end dual encryption (in a way that even Chekk can’t see the data of your customers).

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Chekk for Business

Chekk helps companies navigating AML (e.g. fourth directive), KYC, Fraud, Compliance and GDPR requirements through an exhaustive and modular (“a la carte”) ecosystem which can be easily deployed via fully secure APIs or Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solutions

All the information you need to meet your standards and regulators’ requirements. Data is transferred according to your desired format and matches your storage systems and databases.
Chekk transfers the information directly to your company’s operating systems, through APIs that can be tailored to your own underlying logic.
Chekk connects to people and company registries around the world to enable continuous and real-time company unwrapping & UBOs discovery and forms pre-population; AML checks with daily refreshes, fuzzy logic & phonetics; electronic verification of identity with OCR, Face Matching, Proof of Life and antifraud for individuals, directors and UBOs; etc.
With Chekk's corporate dashboard you can manage your KYC campaigns (onboarding and remediation) and communicate directly and securely with your customers. Your customers benefit from our applications and web tools to fill the information you need in a customer-friendly way.

Chekk for Individuals

As a unique secure data wallet, Chekk ensures individuals’ privacy in storing their personal data and profiles. Once your information is entered, you can reuse it as much as you want. All information is fully secured through 2 levels of encryption in a way that even Chekk can’t see the data.

Your Personal Data Wallet

Store, manage and share your personal data, including documents of ID, driving licence, bank details, insurance policies, membership cards, passwords...

Fully Free and with no ads

Chekk can be downloaded and used by individuals for free, with no hidden charges and no ads!

Full Control and Ownership

The data is yours only and never shared with third parties. You alone can decide who you want to share it with (your friends, travel agent, insurance, bank…)

State-of-the-Art Security

Leading edge end-to-end 2 levels encryption at customer and data point levels, preventing anyone (even Chekk) from accessing it without your authorization per data point or data sets

Chekk Consulting

Chekk can assign a team of experienced consultants and subject matter experts to help managing end-to-end KYC or compliance programmes and validates it matches your industry’s standards and regulations

Want to know more about Chekk Consulting? Please let us know and we will get back to you quickly!

Chekk Security

End-to-end security (on the device, servers and in between) including full encryption, SSL/TLS, 2048 bits RSA certificate, forward secrecy, certificate pinning, passwords hashing & salting...

Data in Chekk are fully secure and encrypted at a user and data point level, in a way that even us can’t see it. We use the best industry-tested and accepted standards of password hashing and salting, and a user full password itself is never sent to Chekk servers and as such we can’t decrypt the encrypted data stored on our server (every time a new data is entered in Chekk, new symmetric keys are generated to store these specific data).

Chekk Founders

Pascal Nizri

Co-Founder & CEO

20 years international experience in Financial Services as a Managing Director of HSBC across many countries & roles (inc. Global Chief of Staff for Retail Banking, Global Head of Transformation for Private Banking…)

Benjamin Petit

Co-Founder & Head of Business Development

After having co-founded a boutique M&A in Paris supporting SMEs and start-ups, Benjamin came to Asia and gained 15 year experience in structured finance and business development across Asia