London, April 19, 2024 – Chekk and LSEG are announcing a new partnership. In this inaugural phase, Chekk users can utilize the Refinitiv World-Check solution directly in the Chekk KYB platform.

Chekk KYB platform provides a holistic solution that allows financial institutions to simplify counterparty onboarding and risk assessment. During the onboarding and CDD process, the platform automatically sources and collects pertinent documents and data, such as shareholders, UBOs and directors linked to the counterparty and conducts Anti-Money-Laundering and Adverse Media screenings of these entities and individuals.

This collaboration introduces further enhanced value to both World-Check and Chekk existing and upcoming users who will have the ability to automate and streamline Anti-Money Laundering, PEP, sanctions, Adverse Media screenings, whilst directly accessing the screening results when performing an instant KYB in the Chekk platform.

Reach out to Chekk or LSEG teams to explore how this partnership can empower your organization to streamline KYC, client onboarding, and risk assessment processes.

More about Chekk

Chekk is a leader in digital identity and KYC, reducing pain and cost from interactions between companies and their Individual & Business customers, enabling better data management for all.

Funded by HSBC and Standard Chartered Bank, and with clients such as SCB, Bain Capital, FinTechs (Virtual Banks, BaaS, Digital Assets…), the award-winning Chekk Platform (available via API, SDK and front-ends) offers powerful solutions for Instant Know Your Business (KYB), 20 seconds Know Your Customers (KYC), and Data Portability. These leverage modular capabilities that include configurable real-time risk engine, workflows, automatic visual company unwrapping, forms pre-filling & company documents, customer outreach Web & Mobile tools, multi-lingual AML checks, beneficial owners (UBOs) identification and verification, for 450m entities across 220 countries (with a smart Multi-Sources Engine connected to both live company registries and reputable commercial data providers around the world).

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About LSEG

LSEG is one of the world’s leading providers of financial markets infrastructure and delivers financial data, analytics, news and index products to more than 40,000 customers in over 170 countries.

It helps organisations fund innovation, manage risk and create jobs by partnering with customers at every point in the trade lifecycle: from informing their pre-trade decisions and executing trades to raising capital, clearing and optimisation.

Backed by more than three centuries of experience, innovative technologies and a team of 25,000 people in over 60 countries, LSEG is driving financial stability, empowering economies and enabling you to grow sustainably.

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Benjamin Petit

Co-founder & COO