On-going Monitoring & Screening

Focus On Decision Making Rather Than Data Collection

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International and local financial regulators (Office of Foreign Assets Control, HKMA, MAS, FCA, FinCEN, ACPR…) are regularly publishing new Anti Money Laundering & Counter-Terrorism Financing (AML/CFT) regulations. Furthermore, a change in the situation of the customer may impact his risk scoring. On-going monitoring helps to cater for regulation evolution and to capture potential changes in the customers’ situation.

With Chekk, Know Your Customer is alive and breath activity. Risk scoring calculation shall be done not only at the time of the onboarding but also during the customer life cycle. Our dynamic and adaptive platform has been designed to cope with regulation changes. Changes in customer situation (ownership structure Sanctions, PEP, adverse media) are automatically captured and event-based research can be conducted without compromising the customer experience in maintaining ongoing communication with customers to ensure that data and documents meet Know Your Customer and regulatory requirements.

Design And Build Your Supplier Journey And Answer Regulatory Requirements

Chekk offers a high degree of modularity and enables its clients to select capabilities and configure their third party journey.

Company Structure, UBOs & Documents

Unwrap company globally with visual shareholding structure, UBOs, official documents... thanks to our smart multi-sources engine connected to registries & data partners around the world.

Anti-Money Laundering Checks & Monitoring

Real-time multi-language automatic Anti-Money Laundering checks (inc. PEP, Sanctions, Adverse Media screenings) and on-going monitoring for individuals and legal entities customers

Advanced Identity & Verification & Anti-Fraud

Remotely verify the identity of individual customers & business related parties (UBOs, Directors) with video identity verification & anti-fraud checks (OCR, documents checking, video recording...)

Dynamic Digital Forms & Risk Assessment

'No-code' visual interface for you to create and maintain an unlimited number of Digital Forms, and tools to make these fully dynamic and enable configurable real-time risk assessment.

Biometric Digital Signature

Finalize the onboarding process and seal the deal using our advanced biometric eSignature solution to sign the overall KYC forms, specific documents (e.g., your Terms & Conditions) or validate a transaction

Data Wallet, On-going KYC & Data Portability

Breake the silos of KYC & CDD activities using the end-to-end encrypted data wallet and consent-based data portability across business lines & countries to enable 1-click onboarding and perpetual KYC
How To Use Chekk Solutions

Out-Of-The-Box SaaS Platform, API Or Combined Channels

Chekk delivers its capabilities via out of box configurable Web & Mobile applications, and via API & SDK, that can be used as stand-alone solutions or easily be integrated into your existing systems and customers’ journeys. The modularity and flexibility of the Chekk Platform enables to support a large variety of your use cases.

Staff Portal

A powerful interface to easily manage on-boarding & recertification campaigns, create and access customers profiles, workflow, verifications & screenings, risk assessments, reports…

Customer Outreach - Web

Businesses customers' on-boarding interface & on-going data wallet with pre-filled data (forms, ownership structure, company documents…), related parties workflow, data storage and documents digital signature

Customer Outreach - Mobile

Individuals customers' on-boarding interface & on-going data wallet for Retail customers & Businesses’ related parties, to securely answer pre-filled digital forms, store data, scan documents and verify identity


Full and well documented API to orchestrate data flows and/or integrate Chekk’s capabilities into your existing front-end & back-end systems

White Label & SDK

Leverage available SDKs or solutions to integrate some screens directly into your systems or complement them