Sharing Economy

Create a safe and resilient ecosystem for your marketplaces, sharing economy platform for merchants enhancing and streamlining the verification of merchants and users

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Design And Build Your Customer Journey And Meet Regulatory Requirements

Chekk offers a high degree of modularity and enables clients to select capabilities and configure their business customer journey.

Company UBOs, Ownership Structures And Data

Get instant 3rd party's insight, data and official document needed for CDD & risk assessment with our search engine connected to company registries and data providers around the world.

AML & Adverse Media Monitoring

Real time multi language automatic Anti Money Laundering (sanction, PEP) and Adverse Media screening & monitoring for retail customers and legal entities using AI and sentimental analysis.

Advanced Identity & Verification And Anti-Fraud Checks

Remotely verify the identity of your retail customers and business related parties (UBOs, Directors…) with our real time video based identity verification solution.

Rule Based Dynamic Digital Forms & Risk Assessment Model

Enhance customer experience, optimize your digital forms, reduce touch points and calculate the risk real time for fast analysis and decision making.

Digital Signature

Finalize the onboarding process and seal the deal using our advanced biometric eSignature solution to sign documents, forms or validate a transaction.

Data Wallet, On-going KYC & Data Portability

Break silos of the KYC & CDD activities using Chekk's data wallet for perpetual KYC and customers 'data portability.