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Ensure The Highest Level Of Compliance And Meet Anti-corruption And Anti Bribery Laws Requirements By Verifying Vendors, Suppliers and Partners With Which You Do Business

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A safe supplier ecosystem is a necessity. It’s an imperative to partner only with safe suppliers that qualify on key risk and compliance parameters. The regulatory constraints are constantly increasing, and many countries and regulators are now requesting businesses to assess the risk of their counterparties (i.e. OECD Anti-Bribery Convention, Criminal Finances Act and Anti-Bribery Act in UK, Loi SAPIN II in France, American Anti-Corruption Act in US…). Before engaging with a vendors, suppliers, partners, lenders…, businesses must ensure that the third party and its Ultimate Beneficial Owners (UBO) are not on a sanction list, have not violated any International Treaties and are not involved in corruption, fraud, criminal and regulatory issues. 

Chekk helps to build a strong and resilient ecosystem automating onboarding and optimizing procurement and compliance works.

Design And Build Your Customer Journey And Meet Regulatory Requirements

Chekk offers a high degree of modularity and enables clients to select capabilities and configure their business customer journey.

Company Structure, UBOs & Documents

Unwrap company globally with visual shareholding structure, UBOs, official documents... thanks to our smart multi-sources engine connected to registries & data partners around the world.

Anti-Money Laundering Checks & Monitoring

Real-time multi-language automatic Anti-Money Laundering checks (inc. PEP, Sanctions, Adverse Media screenings) and on-going monitoring for individuals and legal entities customers

Advanced Identity & Verification & Anti-Fraud

Remotely verify the identity of individual customers & business related parties (UBOs, Directors) with video identity verification & anti-fraud checks (OCR, documents checking, video recording...)

Dynamic Digital Forms & Risk Assessment

'No-code' visual interface for you to create and maintain an unlimited number of Digital Forms, and tools to make these fully dynamic and enable configurable real-time risk assessment.

Biometric Digital Signature

Finalize the onboarding process and seal the deal using our advanced biometric eSignature solution to sign the overall KYC forms, specific documents (e.g., your Terms & Conditions) or validate a transaction

Data Wallet, On-going KYC & Data Portability

Break the silos of KYC & CDD activities using the end-to-end encrypted data wallet and consent-based data portability across business lines & countries to enable 1-click onboarding and perpetual KYC