Chekk is happy to announce its new digital onboarding, KYB & KYC Platform version 5, with enhanced user experience & features.

This next generation Platform, smoother & faster than ever before, harnesses Chekk’s unique capabilities with configurable Multi-Sources Engine (data & documents) for instant KYB of business counterparties (clients, suppliers…), 20-seconds KYC of individuals & businesses’ related parties, and consent-based Data Portability for all.

The redesigned front-ends, advanced API & SDK, and sophisticated Outreach tools, deliver groundbreaking transformation in the way Financial Institutions onboard and assess Financial Crime & Compliance risk.

Reach out to get a live demo ( and see how your organisation can improve operational efficiency, reinforce compliance processes, streamline KYB & KYC, and more.



– New design & user experience for your staff (Sales, Back-Office, Compliance…)

– Widgets-based personalised user’s desktop 

– Improved Dashboards with more stats, SLAs, alerts aging…

– Better tasks & notifications management

– Faster access to Express Search (KYB, KYC, AML) & Customer Files creation

– Configurable Multi-Sources Engine (data sources, prioritisation rules, layers, documents…)

– Access to 450 million businesses across 220 countries & territories

– Automatic merges of data sources & new interface for manual selections

– Improved AML Case Management for one-time & on-going screenings

– Easier access to Workflows, Risk Assessment, Digital Forms editor, 2FA…

– Additional data partners & sources for company data & AML screenings 



– New design & user experience for your business counterparties (customers, suppliers…) 

– Dynamic onboarding forms configured as per your policies 

– Pre-filled data & documents with Chekk’s Multi-Sources Engine (registries, etc.)

– Automatic & editable visual company shareholding structure

– Capture of additional data & documents with audit trail & related parties workflow (e.g., Directors’ ID&V)

– Biometric Digital Signature of KYB process & your documents

– Consent management tool with traceability (GDPR, CCPA, PDPA…)

– Data wallet & portability for secure consent-based data sharing across business lines & countries



– New design & user experience for individuals & businesses’ related parties (directors, UBOs…)

– Digital forms configured as per your policies

– 20-seconds Identity & Verification (ID&V) with video-recording 

– Automatic recognition & OCR of identity documents

– Advanced anti-fraud checks, biometric Face-Matching & Liveness test

– Responsive App with your logo & colours (no integration or download required)



– API & Responsive SDK to embed data & features into your own systems

– Advanced end-to-end encryption