Chekk platform enables most effective way to manage private interactions

As interactions become increasingly geared towards a mobile lifestyle, people need more than just a platform that can aggregate information.

With an increasing number of apps and social network platforms on our phones, the first release of the sleek Chekk platform brings order to the chaos by centralizing every facet of consumer and the corporate user’s daily digital lives.

On the personal data storage front, users can store public and private information, such as contact details, identity document details, bank account numbers, loyalty cards, and passwords into sections of unlimited fields, categories, datasets and visual profiles.

“Our data and interactions need to be organized and contextualized,” says Chekk founder and CEO Pascal Nizri. “The Chekk platform enables the most effective way to manage those interactions for both everyday consumers and professionals.”

With end-to-end security (inc. encryption), the app gives users the piece of mind to store and share a vast array of personal information with other users and companies. This shared data will be automatically updated with the other parties if and when the user chooses to alter it.

“Our platform will not only play a major part in the lives of millions of people across the world, but it will also facilitate the way businesses and corporations manage their brands, circulate marketing campaigns, and interact with their staff and customers,” explains Mr Nizri, who adds that the Chekk iPhone app will soon be followed by Android and tablet versions, comprising of additional modules and functionalities.”

Created by veteran HSBC strategy, business and technology senior executive, Pascal Nizri, the platform to be released out of private beta will become the hub of our digital lives, organizing everything with a single swipe in a fully customizable centralized profile.

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