Tencent-backed Linklogis is a customer of Chekk for their Know Your Business (KYB), to support their world’s leading supply chain finance fintech service platform.

As an anchor member of Tencent’s Financial Strategic B2B ecosystem, Linklogis is a fast growing company and is part of one of the only two consortiums licensed by the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) to launch a Virtual Bank for SMEs in Singapore (with Greenland Holding Group Company Limited). Linklogis had previously raised USD 265 million in funding from Tencent, Standard Chartered Bank and various VCs, and has been listed this week on the Hong Kong market raising an additional USD 1 Billion at a USD 6 Billion market cap.

This is another example of the great customers Chekk is supporting around the world with its next generation Digital Identity, KYC & Data portability platform. Contact us to know more and get a live demo of our solutions: contact@chekk.me