As part of the UK FinTech Week 2020, Pascal Nizri (Founder & CEO of Chekk) joined Benedict Nolens (SC Ventures by Standard Chartered), Stewart McGlynn (Hong Kong Monetary Authority) and King Leung (Invest Hong Kong), in a panel about ‘Digitising the onboarding journey – regulatory and industry perspectives’, to discuss:

– new technologies across KYC, AML and fraud;

– the new virtual bank landscape and how it increases the competitive pressure to incumbent banks;

– how Covid-19 has further added to this pressure;

– the legal challenges (e-signature);

– regulatory challenges;

– opportunities and risks (as seen through the lens of FATF, etc.)

The panel was brought by Innovate Finance, Invest HK and Hong Kong FinTech, and led to interesting discussions and questions from the audience.