Startups that are changing the way we interact with social media

The world of social media is constantly evolving, and with the innovation from serial entrepreneurs, the way we interact with social media is being pushed even further.

We spoke to a number of different startup founders to find out what the most common mistakes were that they made when launching their business ventures, and most importantly, what advice they can give to avoid making them in the first place.

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From Pascal Nizri, Founder of Chekk:

Created by veteran HSBC strategy, business and technology senior executive, Pascal Nizri, Chekk is aiming to reshape the way we organize, store, and manage our digital information, re-imagining how we interact with our diverse range of mail, social and news networks.

The app allows users to aggregate and share on Chekk, or their favorite social networks, through its platform. Additionally, users can consult news, message individuals or private businesses, and even share any of the above with people not yet using Chekk via email.

“What the Chekk App allows users to do is take control of their digital lives. The app goes beyond being just an email and message aggregator tool, or a social media and news centralization platform — it allows the secure storage and sharing of a user’s personal and professional information, all in a visual and engaging way” says Chekk founder and CEO Pascal Nizri.