2.1: New version with:
– Minor display changes to OCR guidance messages

2.0: New version with:
– New and improved off-line and on-line Optical Characters Recognition (OCR) engines with broad capabilities on ID documents around the world (inc. passports, identity cards, driving licences, visas, residence permits… with and without Machine Readable Zones – MRZ)
– Improved off-line and on-line Face Matching and Proof of Life capabilities to confirm identity thanks to triangulation between a video selfie and identity documents
– Updates for further connectivity with the Chekk Portal (for Financial Institutions and others to interact with you, send & verify data requests, manage on-boarding / KYC & AML…) and with the Chekk Web (for consumers and corporates to securely manage their data and answer data requests, including with features similar to Chekk Mobile and with data pre-population, auto-mapping of company hierarchies & UBOs, delegation to partners and directors…)
– Various improvements of performance, stability and security
– And still the leading-edge end-to-end dual encryption with symmetric and asymmetric keys which only you control (in a way that even us can’t see it)

Note: Some capabilities and features are only accessible when the user is invited by a company