has been recruiting a lot over the last few months, growing the teams rapidly in Hong Kong, Singapore, India, France, UK… to support the great momentum for the company this year with more clients (e.g., Bain Capital), new investors (HSBC, Standard Chartered Bank…), on-going activities with our partners (KPMG, Moody’s Analytics…), expanded product suite and more.

In this context, and building on an event organised by Standard Chartered Bank around Chekk, we organised an Induction Week in Singapore this month for the new Leadership Team (CTO, Deputy CTO, Head of Product, Heads of Sales…) to fast-track very useful workshops on the many Product, Tech and Sales activities underway, followed by a team building weekend in Bali. It was very nice for the team to spend some face-to-face time together.

It’s an exciting time to work at Chekk and we are still recruiting for various positions (in Sales, Tech…), so if you are interested to join, follow and check out our LinkedIn page regularly to apply when we post the positions.