Over the last year, Chekk has been offering you these great capabilities for free:
– Store personal data (contact details, passport details, passwords…) and create nice visual cards;
– Send private messages and pictures to specific people or groups;
– Aggregate mails, news and social networks in one place (iCloud, Gmail, Yahoo, Twitter, TechCrunch, Engadget, Quartz, NY Times, CNN…);
– Filter your digital life by context / groups (work, family, friends…);
– Search across everything (keywords, dates, types…);
– Securely and privately share everything (data, messages, mails, news, social posts) with specific people, groups or businesses, and easily multipost across networks (eg., post on Chekk, Twitter and LinkedIn all in one go);
– Receive selective push notifications from all these services (data, messaging, mails, news, social posts…)

And now, the latest version of Chekk released today has been improved with a faster account creation and better user-experience, including:
– A simplified on-boarding journey for users to start faster after install;
– A more visual design across the App, with icons and menus;
– Additional visual grouping of personal data into data collections;
– Simpler edit modes by default for data and profiles, with advanced modes available for more experienced users;
– New visualisation modes in the Stream with better design and bigger fonts;
– Simpler way to share data, news, social posts in the App and via email;
– Better help screens.

There are some known issues with Facebook and LinkedIn due to changes with their APIs (eg., possible to post on LinkedIn but not download updates), which are being worked on.

Chekk doesn’t sell users’ data to advertisers and has end-to-end security (inc. encryption, passwords, access rights management…) Your data is yours and safe.

Chekk it out on www.chekk.me and the Apple App Store. It’s free.