Young Upstarts Publication

Advice For Bootstrapping Your Business From Startup Founders Who’ve Been There Having the next brilliant idea for a product or a service is just one, very small, aspect of being an entrepreneur. The real work actually comes when you want to turn that idea into something that not only benefits…
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Publication on Startup Champ

Startups that are changing the way we interact with social media The world of social media is constantly evolving, and with the innovation from serial entrepreneurs, the way we interact with social media is being pushed even further. We spoke to a number of different startup founders to find out…
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Tips for Avoiding Fatal Startup Mistakes Even among the most seasoned startup veterans, mistakes tend to happen. Created by veteran HSBC strategy, business and technology senior executive, Pascal Nizri, the platform to be released out of private beta will become the hub of our digital lives, organizing everything with a…
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Public Beta

Great news! After several months of private beta, the Chekk iPhone App has been launched in public beta on the Apple App Store. You can download it for free by clicking here.   Very good discussions on identity during this great conference organized by ECN.
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Respect Network

Chekk is proud to announce that it has become the latest founding member of the Respect Network, the world’s first global network for trusted private relationships online. Its purpose is to empower members anywhere in the world to safely share private data over trusted peer-to-peer connections between personal and business…
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