It’s been a fantastic year of growth for Chekk! In 2022, our company has:

  • Attracted new investors (HSBC, Standard Chartered Bank…),
  • Signed more clients (Bain Capital, additional units of Standard Chartered Bank…),
  • Expanded our activities with our strategic partners (Moody’s, KPMG…),
  • Appointed a new strong, experienced and diverse leadership team,
  • Tripled the size of our teams across Hong Kong, Singapore, India, France, United Kingdom…,
  • Launched our new public website and done multiple joint panels with our client Standard Chartered Bank,
  • Released exciting new products and versions of our leading Platform enabling real-time KYB, KYC & Data Portability, with configurable workflow & risk engines, automatic & modifiable visual company unwrapping, forms pre-filling & company documents, customer outreach Web & Mobile tools, multi-lingual AML checks (PEP, Sanctions & Media screening), beneficial owners (UBOs) identification & verification (inc. video-based advanced identity & anti-fraud checks), for 400m businesses in 200 countries (with a smart multi-sources engine connected to both live government company registries and reputable commercial data providers around the world).


And there’s plenty more coming in 2023 with additional clients yet to be announced, products release, a new corporate branding, and more.

This was all possible thanks to Chekk’s clients, partners and teams around the world, supporting such an amazing year of growth. Thanks again to you all! Looking forward to even more exciting news in 2023, and wishing you all a great festive season and a happy New Year!